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Hello and Welcome!


Dunya is a New York based freelance theatre artist. She is a graduate of Marymount Manhattan College (2014). Dunya and artistic collaborator, Lucca Damilano, workshopped an original piece they co-wrote and co-directed entitled "this is not a play" with the Untitled Theatre Collective (2015). She has also directed "Table for Two" by Edward Precht as part of the Take Ten Festival (2015) in New York and "Gruesome Playground Injuries" by Rajiv Joseph (Summer 2016) at the TheaterLab with the Outlet Ensemble. 


On the acting side of things, she can be spotted playing an exaggerated version of herself in the ever relatable webseries Really We're Trying....


Dunya has had the honor of working with David Lee (The Three Sisters), Stefano Brancato (The Rape of Daphne), Malinda Sorci, and Mary Fleischer.


Her passion resides with telling stories, old and new, that explore the human condition, how it everchanges and how it ever stays the same. She would love to direct, perform, assist or collaborate with you on your next project!

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