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Gruesome Playground Injuries

Coming July 1st-3rd! 

Outlet Ensemble is proud to present their production of Rajiv Joseph's Gruesome Playground Injuries at the TheaterLab NYC.

Doug (Bobby Liga: Twitter This...Facebook That...Text Me Later by FULL CIRCLE) and Kayleen (HaleyJane RoseReally We’re Trying; The Tempest by Den of Thieves) first meet when they are eight years old in an elementary school nurse’s office. For the next thirty years, the two collide over and over again, witnessing and affecting each other’s pain and pleasure. Joseph’s motif is one everyone knows — hurting others, being hurt by others, and hurting oneself — and is told with joyful humor and deep empathy.

Directed by Dunya J. Karam

Lighting Design by Aya Hamasaki

For more info on tickets click the photo!



Coming January 18th-22nd! 

Black Coffee Productions is proud to present a new works festival at the TheaterLab NYC.

Dunya will be directing two new pieces, I Want to Eat Brains by Danny Ursetti & Lily Dwoksin and Deeper Alexandria by Emerson Fd as part of the festival. 

Their specific premier date is January 20th.

For more info on tickets click the photo!


Fresh Grind Festival
Uncle Vanya 

Coming May 4th-7th! 

Outlet Ensemble presents a brand new adaptation of Anton Chekhov's Uncle Vanya directed by Dunya J. Karam at Alchemical Studios, Studio A. 

Sonya (Bailie DeLacy) and her uncle, Vanya (Kevin Gay), along with her grandmother (Marie Lenzi), neighbor, and nanny (Rew Starr), take on her city dwelling father Alexander (Joel Austin) and his new wife (Dana Kaufman) as they attempt to make her farm their home.  

This modern adaptation takes a minimalist and dreamlike approach, encompassing the struggle between the sober reality of work vs the drunken dream of leisure. The humor is ever-present, and the grounded relationships between each of the characters shine through. 

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